How it works

Choosing delicious Kai that best suits you and your budget is only a few clicks away. Here’s how our unique food eco-system works.

Sign up & Pay-As-You-Go

Sign up and login on your computer, phone or tablet. You'll need this to view your recipes while cooking, as we don't waste money by printing individual recipes out.

Pay-as-you-go with Kai and enjoy the freedom of ordering when you like.

The Kai sign-up page on an iPhone

Control your preferences & budget

Prefer vegetarian recipes? Don't like coriander? You have come to the right place. Confirm your dietary preferences, select how many people you want to feed on any given night, and set your own budget. Choose from several price targets, or set your own per serving and overall grocery spend targets (which you can adjust any time).

Kai syncs with local supply

Kai only serves up recipe suggestions with ingredients that are actually available. If it's not in season, or it's too pricey, it won't be recommended. This helps reduce wasteful production and ensures your food is affordable.

Hundreds of diverse recipes to choose from

We've sourced recipes from contributors around the globe. Our 'recipe heroes' receive a small fee every time their meal is selected, encouraging foodies everywhere to join the Kai revolution.

Kai recommends, you choose

Based on your preferences, Kai will serve you up your recipe suggestions for the week. If there's any you don't fancy, simply swipe them away until you're happy with a replacement option. Some ingredients will have a 'swap' icon and can be switched for an alternative (e.g. 'swap' butter for margarine or mayonnaise for hummus).

Kai sources fresh quality produce

Before we order your groceries, you can review your shopping list and delete any items you already have. Waste not, want not! We gather your food in the most sustainable and economic way and choose local suppliers wherever possible.

No wasteful packaging

At Kai we don't believe in re-packaging items into smaller quantities. If your recipe needs cinnamon, we'll give you a whole packet, and recommend recipes next week that use the rest up (coming soon). We pack your order in home-compostable and recyclable packaging, and have just 0.25% waste across the entire Kai food chain.

48 hour delivery

Once you've confirmed your order and paid online, your groceries are packed and delivered to your door. We deliver on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 2pm - 5pm. You can pick which day but at least 48 hours' notice is required. Chilled goods are always packed on ice.

Rate your meals

Use our star system to rate the quality and click 'favourite' to highlight meals you want to eat more frequently. This helps Kai tailor future recipe suggestions to you. We'd also love to hear any other feedback you have. Please email us any time at

Kai refines your recipes

Our clever technology learns what ingredients and types of recipes you like best. So next time you order Kai, we'll offer you an even more tempting selection to choose from. Think of us as your Netflix of the grocery world.

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